Why Us?

We don’t blame you for being curious. There are many hosting companies out there and all of them are trying to convince you that they are “number one”. Well, we won’t claim that we’re number one host in the world or run a string of shiny, fancy features before your eyes and expect you to pounce on them. We’d rather earn your money and then ultimately, your respect. Our 30-day, unconditional money-back guarantee is just one of the ways we try and make that possible. At Homepage Universe, Inc. (dba URLJet), we are humbled by our customers and are fully aware that we exist to complement your vBulletin Community with uncomplicated, reliable service.

Un-Capped Services

Tired of getting your forum shut down without notice? They won't tell you, but most cheap hosting companies will cap your concurrent connections or server processes. What this means is as your forum grows, the amount of users that can be connected at the very same time is very limited. When your forum has out-grown shared hosting we'll actually pick up the phone and engage our customers one-on-one on upgrade options.

vBulletin Software Support

Tired of your host telling you they don't support 3rd party scripts? At Homepage Universe, Inc. (dba URLJet) we not only support it but also provide upgrades, plugin installs and more. We live and breathe vBulletin 24/7. You will not find a host more capable of handling your vBulletin needs. From small forums to mega large forums we host all sizes and would be thrilled to host yours as well!

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

How you ask? We only use the best harware and networking gear in our state of the art datacenter. Our staff monitors every server and gear 24/7 using state of the art Network Operations Center (NOC). We monitor every aspect clear down to the temperature of the CPU running your Forum, VPS or Dedicated Server.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction or your money back! If you decide to cancel your account Homepage Universe, Inc. (dba URLJet) offers a 100% guarantee of your satisfaction or your money back.


Every shared account includes nearly continuous backups of your forum and database. If you've every experienced that sinking feeling when you get the dreaded vbulletin db error of death, you're not alone. With Homepage Universe, Inc. (dba URLJet), every single server and every single account is completely backed up every hour and backups are archived for a whole year. You can restore a single file or your whole site should the need ever arise. All this is automatic while you go about building your community. So relax, we have your backup -


You won't find us cramming 500-800 sites on a server. In fact, we maintain less than 100 sites per server, and unlike most hosts we don't hide server load readouts. Every Homepage Universe, Inc. (dba URLJet) server is a powerful enterprise class DELL workhorse with RAID-10. Why should you care about RAID-10? RAID-10 is an incredibly efficient way of storing your data across hard drives. This means not only do you get over triple the read/write times of a normal server, it also increases your forums fetch speed.
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