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Need to find that perfect style or add-on to take your vBulletin forum to the next level? Over the course of 7 years we've seen many vBulletin related products and services come and go. Even today there are dozens of sites offering vBulletin products and services. Some are good, some not so much. If you provide commercial vBulletin services and products, we think there should be a few minimum standards such as answering email or support tickets, delivering the product or service ordered, and servicing the client with a smile and kind word. We are proud to say the providers below have proven to be solid players in the vBulletin realm and know their stuff. If you experience anything less, please let us know.
uptime Engage Mobile Users with Responsive vBulletin 3.x and 4.x Themes

SultanTheme's responsive style packs will give your vB3 and vB4 forums a great looking style that's convenient for both desktop and mobile users. Keep using your vBulletin 3 or vB4 forums with their wide variety of plugins and give your users a responsive mobile style. Sultan Themes, a trusted member of the vBulletin community since 2008, also offers great looking XenForo styles.
uptime PhotoPost Creates a Photo Sharing Community on Your Website

With PhotoPost vBGallery you get the best of both worlds with both the robust PhotoPost vBGallery featureset plus the same features as vBulletin's basic profile albums, and you eliminate any user confusion about where they should upload their photos, or how to participate in your centralized categorized albums where everyone on your site can browse and upload photos.