Google Blocks WordPress Sites Following SoakSoak Attack

Reports are that due to the SoakSoak exploit, Google has blacklisted over 11,000 infected WordPress domains, and it projected that over 100,000 sites have been affected by the malware from
Entering through vulnerability in the WordPress plugin, the RevSlider, SoakSoak modifies a file and loads Javascript malware. RevSlider is often used in WordPress themes, so many site owners don’t know they’re using the plugin, let alone to update it, making for a plugin that’s not easily updated.

Infected sites typically redirect visitors to a webpage that tries to download malware to their local computers. Google’s quick blocking of infected sites will hopefully prevent SoakSoak from spreading any further much beyond its current point.

To check if your WordPress site is infected by SoakSoak, contact or check this list of resources there is a list of resources in here WordPress SoakSoak Support  that can help you.

If all is ok, this is a refresher on the importance of keeping WordPress and its plugins up-to-date. Keeping plugins current is every bit as important as keeping WordPress updated.

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