6 Ways To Improve Your Website in 2013

6 Ways To Improve Your Website in 2013
As I’m sure you are noticing, we are in a competitive market right now. The stakes are high. With all of the great companies doing business these days, the way we present ourselves in the marketplace has become critical. Amidst the hordes of people doing business on the Internet, if we want to grow our businesses we’ve got to stand out. The way to win is simple—turn hits into conversions. Our websites need to exude quality. They need to tell people we are smart and we are serious. They should let people know we understand the challenges they are facing, and that we’re the ones who have got the solutions.

Now is a great time to update. It makes sense—since most of us are putting together our 2013 New Year’s resolutions anyway. Why shouldn’t we include updating our websites in our action plans this year? Making them visually more appealing, more interesting, more value driven is a surefire way to keep people coming back, and statistics show that 80% of sales are made after the twelfth contact. So what can we do to make a visit to our website a pleasure?
Here are some overall trends that the experts are predicting for 2013:

1. Responsive Design

Responsive design optimizes readability. It allows people using any format to have an equally good experience. A Smart phone, Tablet, Netbook, or Desktop each offers a different screen size. Responsive design configuration allows maximum usability in each. Ever try to jiggle around and grow a spot on a screen only to shoot off onto a different page because you accidently hit a hot spot. Ugh.

WordPress offers a huge variety of Responsive Themes. In their own words, The Responsive Theme is a flexible foundation with a fluid grid system that adapts your website to mobile devices and the desktop or any other viewing environment. This solution is easy.

2. Typography Design

There are new levels of sophisticated design being achieving these days. Some of these pages are absolutely breathtaking in their detail. People are developing a taste for excellence. Nothing says smart like a simple, balanced webpage. I liken this to wearing a nice suit for a job interview. It says something about the owner that they care enough to put their best foot forward.

I wouldn’t rush through this step. Do your homework. If you want to appear savvy, it is worth it to spend some time investigating. Upgrading the fonts on your site is simple enough. With the right fonts, you can transform humdrum site into something fabulous with little effort. Remember the first tip, though. Fonts that are too fancy might not be readable on a Smart phone.

3. Big Button Design

Simple, clear and easy to access—this is what makes the button multi-format friendly. On a Smart phone, small buttons can waste time. We want to make the customer experience memorable, but only in a good way.

4. Scrolling Design

Moving across the screen from top to bottom and from right to left is another way to simplify the user experience. If you have more than one hot area on your homepage, the Smart phone user can move around without having to jigger things into place.

5. Pared Down Language

In keeping with the multi-format idea, less text in a cleaner font will make navigation simpler. The visitor sees the feature they want to access in three words or less, and gets there in one click. Nice. Next level down, you may have more explanation but keep to the Cliff Notes version. Save the expanded narrative for your blog.

6. Social Media Integration

If you haven’t added these buttons to your blog or website yet, do. You’d be surprised the numbers of people, who like to forward information to a friend, or even to their own Facebook page. Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google +1, and StumbleUpon, the list that consumers use on a daily basis is growing.

Final Words
There are certainly plenty more things you can do to will help you get your website producing leads and grabbing people’s attention, but these six: Responsive Design, Typography Design, Big Button Design, Scrolling Design, Pared Down Language, and Social Media Integration, can each make a noticeable difference in a relatively short span of time. Make your site a haven. Draw people back. This list is doable. Just break the tasks into bite-sized chunks. Ask a colleague for help. The important thing is to map out a plan. Once you have that, start.

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