5 Tips For Building Your Dream Forum Or Website

5 Tips For Building Your Dream Forum Or Website

A new year is approaching, and with it comes the annual list of resolutions and goals to mark the calendar. High on the list for most people is improving their website (or starting one). Gone are the days when websites were only owned by tech geeks and big companies.

It’s as simple as ever to get started with your own website or forum. Companies like WordPress and XenForo have paved the way for software solutions that are about as ‘plug and play’ as it’s going to get, without shelling out the big bucks. It’s also more easy than ever to have a website look just as professional as ones costing thousands of dollars.

Of course, an investment is still required. You need a domain. You need hosting. Most of all, you need a plan and a direction for your new website. It won’t build itself. Whether you plan on hiring a designer, or you are more of the do-it-yourself type, following some basic steps during the launch process will allow you to build a forum or website that stands out and looks they way you want.

Follow these five simple steps and you’ll have the website you want in no time.

Work Within Your Budget

It’s very easy to get sucked into thinking that you need everything at once. In reality, you don’t. Getting started is half the battle, and the sooner you get online, the better off your website will be down the road. Set yourself a budget — and stick to it. There will always be room for improvement. The important thing is getting online.

Choose The Perfect Domain

We’ve talked about choosing a domain name for your website before. Your domain will be something that everyone will use to identify your site, so you should definitely do some thinking on this before you launch. Switching to another domain down the road has a lot of drawbacks; you’ll lose a bit of search traffic, you’ll have to implement 301s and watch out for 404’d urls. Basically, it’s a big hassle. Better to chose the perfect domain name right from the beginning.

Bookmark What You Like

Chances are on your quest to build a forum or website, you’ve checked out other sites and got an idea for the look you want. Before the design process kicks in, you’ll need plenty of sources for inspiration. What will help the process along is having examples of the look and features you want to see on your site. A handy little tool for this phase of your website launch is Evernote. Simply install the browser tab and when you come across a feature or website you would like to model your site after, hit the bookmark button and comment on what exactly it is that stood out to you.

Implement What You Can

Once you know what you want to see on your site you’ll be able to start implementing what you can. There is a very real chance that you won’t be able to implement everything. You may not have the budget, or lack the skills to get the implementation you need. Do not let this discourage you. Once your site starts becoming successful you’ll be able to revisit these ideas and implement them if they are still important to you.

Let Consistency Pay Off

Consistency is the key to successful marketing. You will not get anywhere without putting in the work. Once your website is live the work is only beginning. You’ll have a lot to learn, but what you need to remember is that baby steps count. Do what you can and spend time learning about marketing, SEO, and social media. In time, and with enough effort, you will grow the successful website you are dreaming about.

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