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Forum Hosting at it best! Specializing in vBulletin forum hosting, our optimized vBulletin shared hosting, VPS or dedicated servers are cPanel based and make your vBulletin or PHP based forum run faster than you ever knew it could. URLJet, where forum professionals turn for fast reliable forum hosting. vBulletin, IPB, XenForo and PHPBB.
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Professional Forum Hosting from URLJet

URLJet offers professional, reliable managed forum hosting for some of

the worlds largest forums including fortune 500 companies and

professional sports teams. vBulletin is all we do, all day, everyday.

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Unlimited MySQL Databases

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Forum Hosting isn’t only about servers; At URLJet it’s about people who truly understand forums and their unique server needs and requirements. We know every aspect of vBulletin performance matters and that you need the highest levels of technology and support on your side. We deliver a level of performance and capability that no other host can provide. URLJet also provides the best ongoing technical support in the business, guaranteed to ensure the sustained performance your site deserves.

From vBulletin, WordPress, XenForo to IPB platforms, URLJet has the experience to understand the importance of your forum or blog and we make it our first priority to ensure that your user base never suffer problems due to hosting, data safety and support issues. When you join with URLJet, we deliver enterprise class hardware, software support, reliability and data safety for your vBulletin, WordPress, XenForo or IPB platforms. All managed by techs that fully understand your every application need.

At URLjet, your vBulletin Forum Hosting needs are covered from installation to upgrades and server resources. Because we have hosting experience with some of the world’s largest forums; you’ll never have to worry about out growing our service as your forum expands.

WordPress is also a popular blogging tool and a CMS for sharing knowledge and ideas today and a great number of our forum owners also use it as the CMS front end of their vBulletin forums. For pure blog owners who wish to have a complete control and monetization of their platforms, we offer unmatched WordPress Hosting as well as all of the services related to its development and performance.

Our clients call us the 'Best in the Hosting Business' for many good reasons. Here are few of them:

  • With every hosting account, we provide automatic backup to keep our promise of safety and security.
  • Our 24/7 support team ensures we are always there in times of trouble.
  • Be it a forum with a hundred user or tens of thousands of users, we have the physical infrastructure to handle your every hosting need
  • We believe in one-to-one interaction and that is exactly what we provide our clients.

Our a 30-day money back guarantee means you’ll have complete confidence in all of our web hosting offerings. Our 30 day assurance is just another way of saying that 'your satisfaction means everything to us'. From forum owners using vBulletin, IPB Xenforo or any PHP based forum application, to bloggers running large WordPress applications, we have a hosting plan that’s right for your needs.
Leading the hosting business since 2003, URLJet offers reasonably priced, fully managed solutions for all Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting Solutions, as well as providing the demanding forum or blog owner the best customer service and world class hosting support on our Highly Available servers.