XenForo Adds Spam Filters

XenForo, with version 1.4 supports a number of CAPTCHA providers:

Text CAPTCHA — provides Q&A style CAPTCHAs like “Which of 47, sixty two, 18 or 59 is the smallest?”. Its really the same as Q&A, only it has a large number of questions built-in — over 180 million.
Solve Media — Solve Media offers standard image-based CAPTCHAs at varying difficult levels:
They also offers revenue generation options through your CAPTCHA if that’s something you’re interested in. KeyCAPTCHA — KeyCAPTCHA uses a puzzle-solving approach to implement a CAPTCHA. When I say a puzzle, I mean that literally: KeyCAPTCHA has a few different offerings and variations on this theme which you can enable on their site.
All of these new options require you to obtain API keys from the service, so they will need to be explicitly enabled.
IP Checks Against Banned Users —If a user registers with an IP address that was used by a banned user recently, you now have the option to manually approve that registration. Catch user re-registering banning. Spammers tend to use the same IP over and over.

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