Upgrading phpAdsNew OpenX Revive Ad Server

Revive Ad Server is an excellent free software to help you deliver ads to your website and/or forum with it’s ease-of-use and multiple features including advertising campaigns among other options!

Over the years it has went through several name changes:

  1. phpAdsNew
  2. OpenX
  3. Revive

With the latter i.e. Revive being the most current and official version.

Upgrading OpenX to Revive

When you upgrade Revive, it’s actually very easy due to how they’ve designed the upgrade script. When you upgrade from OpenX to Revive you should follow the upgrade documentation they provide and you should ensure your server meets all requirements. Using the guide provided by Revive regarding upgrading you will see it consist of:

  1. Uploading fresh files.
  2. Copying then editing a .conf file.
  3. Cloning a database OR exporting then importing the ad tables into a new database.
  4. Running the upgrade script.

Typically following their guide will result in a successful upgrade of OpenX to Revive, this brings you fully up-to-date regarding Revive software and ensures you’re able to deliver ads more securely.

Upgrading phpAdsNew to Revive

Now we can discuss the purpose of this article! The reason we wanted to discuss upgrading phpAdsNew to Revive is the fact that we recently had a client who wanted to upgrade their phpAdsNew to the new version which was currently Revive. Upon following the upgrade instructions on Revive’s site we realized the easy way of upgrading was not an option, there was no .conf file present in the /var/ folder of the old installation in fact there was no /var/ folder at all! So what did we do? Upgrade then tell our client to manually include all their ads over again? No as URLJet prefers to work smarter, not harder so here’s a quick guide on how to upgrade from such an older outdated version to the newest!

  1. Run backups! File and Database!
  2. Upload the new Revive files to a new folder (we used /adserver/ per the documentation as the older ad system was at /ads/ respectively).
  3. Perform a 100% Fresh installation. *Why yes, you won’t have any ads but we’ll sort that later! **Ensure you setup the Admin account with the same username+password as your older system it’s easier this way.
  4. Now create a new campaign (name it whatever, but NOTE: the campaign ID should be 1), advertiser, and manually create one banner (so you can view the table in phpmyadmin to see the structure and more easily).
  5. Once you’ve created a new banner view the structure of the rv_banners table. Now view the structure of the ads_banners table, as you can see some of the columns are missing since you’re seeing an older versions table and comparing to a newer version.
  6. You will need to export the structure from the newer table into the older one. *DO NOT forget to delete the one entry in the new banners table (the demo banner you created earlier to view in the table itself) otherwise duplicate entry error for primary will show when attempting to import the structure into the older table.
  7. In our scenario when importing the structure not everything came through. Now the tricky part but easy since it’s only comparing… open up each table in a new tab so you can easily switch back and forth – what is missing in the older table that you see in the newer table? This is what the difference is and you need to adjust this before the banners functionality in your admin panel for Revive will function properly.
  8. What you’re basically doing is taking an older table and updating it to ensure the structure and all columns match. Once done you should see 40 columns in the Revive rv_banners table (Revive Ad Server version 3.2.2) if you have any additional columns or entries other than the required 40, delete them.
  9. Now you must run a query on the rv_banners table:

UPDATE `rv_banners`
SET `campaignid` = 1
WHERE `campaignid` = ”;

The above query will then associate all your older banners with the current campaign and upon clicking to view Banners in the Admin panel all will now show ;). The only downfall to all of this is the fact the Name for each banner is currently “Untitled” so you’ll need to manually edit each banner and input a proper name.

Please Note: Regarding #8 above where it states you should have 40 rows in the table rv_banners; Here is a list of the rows in the rv_banners table and they need to be in this order – an sql query and array bring processed when updating a banner is why they need to be in this order:

  1. bannerid
  2. campaignid
  3. contenttype
  4. pluginversion
  5. storagetype
  6. filename
  7. imageurl
  8. htmltemplate
  9. htmlcache
  10. width
  11. height
  12. weight
  13. seq
  14. target
  15. url
  16. alt
  17. statustext
  18. bannertext
  19. description
  20. adserver
  21. block
  22. capping
  23. session_capping
  24. compiledlimitation
  25. acl_plugins
  26. append
  27. bannertype
  28. alt_filename
  29. alt_imageurl
  30. alt_contenttype
  32. updated
  33. acls_updated
  34. keyword
  35. transparent
  36. parameters
  37. status
  38. ext_bannertype
  39. prepend    text
  40. iframe_friendly

Please Note: You must setup a new zone and other perquisites, if you do not then the ads have no “Zone” to display in. Furthermore any previously used codes in your websites or templates (if using a CMS or Forum software) will need to be changed and the new invocation codes used once proper zones are created.

Navigate around the new Revive system and ensure it’s all working as-intended. Don’t forget that you’re now on a much newer version of the software so you’ll still need to setup zones, redo your old <script> and ad codes so the new code is present in any files/templates before they’ll show again, so some manual work is required unfortunately but once completed you should be in the clear for quite some time.

We hope this helps all of those who ran into issues upgrading from such an older version, please comment if you have any questions or feel free to open a support ticket and we’ll gladly assist.

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