When Was Your Last Backup?

When Was Your Last Backup?

You spend time building your site, growing your community, and obsessing over every detail — why would backing up your data be an afterthought? Websites crash, hard drives become corrupted, sites get hacked: there are too many things that could go wrong to leave everything to chance.

The short version is this: make sure you are backing up your files regularly.

Why Forum Owners Need to Have Regular Backups

If you run a forum or community, chances are your site sees plenty of updates throughout the day: new topics, new conversations, new members. This is the heart of your site. For a forum owner, having a backup plan in place is a must.

Forums create a lot of content, much of it is user generated. This means that there are people spending time on your site sharing their ideas. Losing this data can be damaging to your brand. Just think about how you would feel if you spent your time building a profile, and then everything gets wiped away. Would you start all over? Maybe. Many people would probably just move on to the next forum.

What Criteria Should You Use For Managing Forum or Website Backups?

There are a lot of things to consider, but you can easily narrow everything down to the following:

  • Backup your data as often as possible.
  • Exclude temporary files and give higher priority to content and database backup.
  • Do NOT save your backup on the same server as your site.
  • Your backup should be easily retrievable.
  • Ideally, you should get notifications after every successful backup.
  • Backups should be compressed when possible to save disk space.

An important thing to consider when running a forum or website that publishes a lot of content is to have hourly backups of your data. At URLjet, we provide hourly backups through our File Guardian system. We take a snapshot of your system configuration — and we do this hourly — so we can restore your website to any point in time, in no time. All backups are kept off-site.


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