Why Great Web Design Matters

Why Great Web Design Matters

You only get one chance to make a good impression.

Your website can either turn people into customers, or turn people away. There is no middle ground. Design plays a huge role in how people think about your brand. Your design should stand out. Your design should grab people’s attention. But above all, your website should be designed to get your visitors to take action.

Studies show that the average adult attention span is a mere 8 seconds. This means you only have seconds to capture your reader’s attention. Of course, there are a few tricks you can employ to improve your website and boost conversions.

Go Responsive

More and more people are accessing the internet through smartphones and tablets. If your website does not work on a mobile phone there is a good chance that you are missing out on visitors. A mobile website is not enough. Ideally, you want your website to be responsive. This will allow your website to scale to any size and display perfectly across any device.

Lose the Clutter

A noisy website offers too many distractions. More choices are not always a good thing, especially on your homepage. With little time to capture the interest of your visitors, you want to make sure your website is laser focused and directs visitors exactly where you want them to go.

If you have too many banners on your site — get rid of them.

Add Call-to-Actions

This is how HubSpot defines a call-to-action:

A call-to-action as an image or line of text that prompts your visitors, leads, and customers to take action. It is, quite literally, a “call” to take an “action.”

A good place to put your CTA is above the fold — make sure it’s immediately visible without having to scroll down. You can also put CTAs after your posts or along your sidebar.

Cross-browser Compatible

This is a biggie: Make sure that your website works correctly across all major browsers. The big three to pay attention to are Google, Bing, and Internet Explorer. You should also check compatibility with Opera. There are online tools you can use to quickly check your website, or you can simply download each browser and check yourself.

Publish Content

Google favors sites that publish unique content. Blogging for your business increases search traffic and gives you more things to share on social media. According to HubSpot, 57% of businesses that blog have acquired a customer directly from their blog.

Make Checkout Easy

Did you know that 67.89% of carts are abandoned during checkout? That is a HUGE number. Even trimming that percentage down a little bit can have a significant impact on sales. The more steps you have in your checkout, the more people are skipping out on making a purchase.

Want the cold hard numbers? Expedia increased profit by $12 million by eliminating a single field from their checkout process.

One field.

If that doesn’t show you that even the small things count, I don’t know what will.

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