Don’t Let Trolls Bring Down Your Community

Don't Let Trolls Bring Down Your Community

Community managers know all too well what a troll can do to a forum. While sometimes a bit humorous, a troll can easily be a disruptive force to your community. As this infographic from Get Satisfaction outlines, there are a few steps you’ll want to take when dealing with online criticism.

The best place I can start would be to quote someone who totally gets it in my opinion. I recently read a post called 10 Tips of Dealing with Online Criticism by Rachel Held Evans, and in the article she talked about how she would often dwell on that lone negative comment, ignoring the vast majority of comments that were not only positive, but personal as well.

In other words, she was investing more time in the troublemaker versus those who are her fans.

Don’t do this. You need to focus on the people in your community that are there adding value and enriching the experience for everyone involved.

That doesn’t mean you can just shake off negative comments and hope they’ll go away. You want to tackle the problem head on, but your plan of action is critical. Not only do you have to analyze the situation and try to fix it, you also have to do it in front of the internet’s watchful eyes.

Just remember…

You want to take the time to assess the situation. Don’t let emotions move you to respond right away. Determine if it is a legitimate complaint, and get to the root of the problem. You want to be professional, and take every opportunity you can to leave on a high note. If you are dealing with a real troll though, follow the tips above.

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