12 Forum Marketing Secrets That Work

Forum Marketing Secrets

Forum marketing involves reaching out and engaging with the right audience. Of course, you want exposure, but there is a careful line to walk. You want to gain exposure and establish yourself as an authority, but you don’t want to be annoying. Forcing your brand down people’s throat simply for a link will get you no where. So, where do you start? That is the question a lot of ask when we first start out trying to build a website or blog.

It doesn’t have to be hard. If you’ve been snooping the web looking for some ways to promote your website, chances are you’ve heard about forum marketing. We’re here to blow the lid off the misconceptions and expose 12 forum marketing secrets that are tried and tested.

1. Choose the right forums
Choosing an off topic forum simply because it ranks high or offers “dofollow” links is the worst strategy you can have. Don’t get me wrong – you need links, but one of the most important things you can do is be in front of an audience that potentially has an interest in your products or services. Do your research. You want to find the most relevant forum for your niche to stake out a reputation. Simply type into Google “your keyword” followed by forum.

2. Size matters
Good forums to join typically have 1000+ members and over 10,000 posts. You can check to see whether the forum has between 10 to 15 posts daily. The more the merrier. It’s traffic and exposure you are after, not just the links in your forum signature.

3. Avoid forums that are overrun by spam
Given the irritating nature of spamming, the chances are high that your audience is moving elsewhere. If you choose a forum that has little moderation for new members you can bet that the quality of your audience will suffer.

4. Place links in your signature
Adding a link to your signature profile is the perfect way to get your website out in front of a new audience, and a great way to get more links for your website.

5. Make valuable contributions to the community.
This is a key to successful forum marketing. When people ask questions in your niche, give appropriate, amazing answers. In essence, “be helpful”. If you bring value to the communities you are a part of you will be taken more seriously. You’ll also enhance your reputation as an expert.

6. Strategically ask for opinions
Forums can provide seeding points for thought leadership and innovation and can be used as such through posing the right questions.

7. Steer Clear of Personal confrontations
Avoid aggressive tones and over assertion. People like to relate to formal and courteous people.

8. Build a network
A forum allows you to engage in conversation with professionals from around the world who share your passion. Use this opportunity well.

9. Consistently engage
It is important to sign up to few, specific forums where you are sure to be active rather that many that lie idle with not return on invested time.

10. Don’t be a know it all
People seldom appreciate a know it all. Additionally, always show eagerness to learn.

11. Research before posting
Your objective in forum marketing is to present a clear image of thought leadership, professionalism and understanding of your niche market. It doesn’t hurt to research on your market once in a while to keep up to date before posting.

12. Join in meaningful conversation
Avoid the urge to pitch your product or service. Instead offer meaningful advice and tips where appropriate.

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