Don’t Follow the Hype: Create Authenticity through Originality

Don’t Follow the Hype: Create Authenticity through Originality

Content marketing is essential to build any kind of online presence in today’s market. But what seems to be happening is building links has overshadowed the importance of building brands. This leads to sloppy marketing techniques where content focuses not on a product or service, but only serves the purpose to house a link.

Link building is an excellent strategy that can stimulate plenty of views on your web page and bring you to the top of search results. But in the long term, it is better to create quality content that not only helps your SEO but also shows quality in your products and services. Do not depend on Google, search engine algorithms change. However, the first impression your company has in a customer’s mind never goes away.

How do you build your brand?

When you think of Rolex what comes to mind? Watches, right? It took time for Rolex to build their brand, but today, everyone knows that Rolex makes quality watches. Movie stars are photographed wearing them all the time afterall. That’s the effect that everyone should aspire for their company name, quality. No matter what it is your business does, even if you are an independent contractor, you want people to see you as an expert in your field.

Remember that branding is more than visual identity

Your “brand” is not the same as your logo, too many people get this mixed up. You should think of your brand as the single greatest thing about your company, the thing that sets you apart from everyone else. There may be hundreds of companies that make watches, but there’s only one that makes them like Rolex. A brand should show people that you are an expert at what you do. Good content will mirror this.

Using content to improve your brand

There are several ways to use web content to your advantage and build your brand at the same time. All it takes is a little bit of originality. When it comes to blog posts, a good way to do it is by telling readers something interesting they may not have ever heard before. These interesting facts would be related to your business of course.

This article is an excellent example of this because it would peaks the interest of people involved in forum marketing, while also introducing them to something they might not have heard before. It also promotes a brand, a forum host, in a subtle way without sounding too salesy. They do this by simply, being an expert in their own field, and they use their blog wonderfully for this purpose.

Know your demographic

Believe it or not going after a demographic that is too general is a terrible marketing strategy. Understand who your largest demographic is and target them specifically with all of your content. All of your online content should be written to the intended audience. This will not only develop a specific style and brand but also reach out to potential customers. That way, not only are you receiving hits, but you’re getting more sales out of those hits as well.

Leave a footprint

Whatever your marketing strategy is, just remember that your link building strategy should work in unison. Missing out on that golden opportunity would be like shooting yourself in the foot, causing you to be at the mercy of search algorithms, no one wants that. Imprint an awesome impression into your customer’s heads instead.

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