How To Choose The Perfect Domain Name For Your Business

How To Choose The Perfect Domain Name For Your Business

Domains are the real estate of the internet. A great domain name can be the foundation for an empire. A bad one can be exceptionally forgettable. There are a variety of factors that go into choosing the perfect domain name for your website, but at the end of the day it comes down to one thing: you have an important decision to make.

The Impact Of Words: How Your Domain Defines Your Business

Choosing your domain comes down to the message you want to present to your visitors. What do you want people to think when they see your domain? What is the impression you want them to walk away with? The words you choose will help create the message you are going after.

Need some examples?

Most social networks and large internet companies tend to choose made up words in an effort to differentiate themselves and create a truly unique name:




You can also choose a domain name that clearly describes your business:



The choice is yours, but you should understand that there is benefits and disadvantages to each. Branding is important, but if your domain name does not provide any insight into your business, people will see your domain name and be clueless. Conversely, choosing a keyword -based domain name can make branding incredibly difficult, even though you will benefit from having your keyword in your domain.

How to make the right choice when choosing a domain name?

It comes down to personal presence and the goal of your website. If you are building a business it is always better to choose a brandable domain, versus a more general sounding name.

There are times though when you can benefit from having a domain that matches the keyword you want your website to rank for in the search engines. These types of domain names are referred to as exact match domains (EMDs). These are especially useful for product launches and targeted landing pages.

More Useful Tips For Choosing A Domain Name

1. Opt for a short domain. Long domain names tend to look more spammy than others. You also make your domain more difficult to type and harder to remember. When possible, choose a domain name that is short, rather than long.

2. Brandable is better. It’s very important to differentiate yourself from the competition. A unique domain name, that matches your business name, is always the better choice.

3. Use your keyword (if you can). It makes sense to use a keyword in your domain. This allows people (and the search engines) to immediately understand the topic of your website.

4. Avoid choosing a domain name similar to another business. Choosing a domain name that is strikingly similar to another business, or matches a trademarked name can lead to trouble down the road. Do a little investigation and make sure you are choosing a domain name that is not being used by another company on a different. In other words, if is taken, don’t choose a .net or .biz. Not only can this lead to a lawsuit or court battle, you can easily be losing visitors to people looking for your business, but typing in the wrong domain extension.

A domain name is a very personal choice and the first important decision you’ll make when deciding to create a website. Take some time to go over your options. This infographic will help guide you along your search for the perfect domain name.

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How To Choose A Domain Name


How did you come up the domain name for your website?

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