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How to install Xenforo Add-ons

Installing and upgrading Xenforo Modifications/Add-ons is a fairly straightforward process. Normally installing a Add-on involves:

  • Upload Add-on contents to /library
  • Upload Add-on contents to /JS
  • Import .xml file in the Admin Control Panel.

*Please Note: Not all Add-ons have the same files and some do not have javascript (JS) files to upload – the files required for upload vary per Add-on.

Alternatively there are Add-ons that can do this for you if you’re uncomfortable with installing or upgrading your Add-ons, some of which are:

Other Add-ons are also available in the resources section of the xenforo website, one prime example would be “Proper Theme Installation, Upgrading, and Usage” which is also a very useful Add-on! Always keep your Add-ons up-to-date, it’s very important!


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