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Google Updates

Seems Google has rolled out some new updates with specific importance to forums owners and managers. We’re getting feedback the newest update focuses on inbound links and DMCA compliance. Other recent changes; Google wants access to *js and possiably css. Any robots blocking for *js should be removed. As always, check you disabvow list too.
Starting 10/17/2014
Penguin Update – Ongoing
Expected to impact Impacts under 1% of English queries. However it may impact other languages in different degerees.
Reported to help sites recover from earlier Penguin updates that changed link profiles.
Sites most at risk are ones with poor link profiles.
Starting 10/1/2014
Google adds depth to the in the news box. Google confirmind their In The Nes box has expanded to cover more than traditional news sites. Blog Post, videos, Reddit and other content form non-news sites may appear.

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